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  1. Room
  2. Corner
  3. Shell
  4. Rotating
  5. Mixture
  6. To be free
  7. Murmurs
  8. Brightness
  9. Reset
  10. Shadows
  11. Boundary
  12. Persona
  13. Entangled series



  1. graphic design
  2. sketch I
  3. sketch II
  4. sketch III
  5. illustration



  1. Polaroid
  2. 120mm film





I had been trapped in a magnetic hole. The place is dark and empty but full of endless murmurs. Any movement I made caused roars. I tried to minimize my mobility to avoid Murmurs' attention, so I gradually integrated myself into this ghostly society with Murmurs. This invisible surrounding gave me faith. It was the Murmurs who gave me hope of life and destruction.


8. Brightness



I am sitting here in a daze, suddenly attracted by my fingerprints, that grows in spirals. How ordinary and unique it is. It is my fingerprints pushed my made-up fantasy into a reality. I want to restore my reverie so that I can follow these fingerprints back to my parallel world. Then I began to feel sleepy and closed my eyes to dream. (Please close your eyes)

I have been groping, groping in front of what is the world looks like? Is it black, white, void, or what else? I lost myself in the darkness. There is a long and inviolable pole I see from a distance, being approached by ghosts. It is sacred that uphold from preyers, gradually becoming an indelible "belief," constantly growing at will.

We are like two magnetic poles, seemingly identical but vaguely repulsive. As I am standing in the darkness, watching ghosts gather. We used to be so much alike, can still fish in troubled waters into spiritual belief again. I want this pole to destruction, liberate ghosts to give free souls back to them, and let themself become their own faith. But I couldn't do it because I have no equal power to confront, but at least I can live for myself.

I began to grow, don't need to become someone's faith like you, and don't care what you think of me. I am who I am, and so what can you do to me? I was attracted to you in the past because I was like you in some way. Still, we actually are different because I’m the brightness inherently.

I wake up and slowly open my eyes. Looking my fingerprints again. Then I realized the fingerprint is the entrance that I had fallen into the magnetic hole in the previous. The supporting ghosts are Murmurers. People are always willing to believe what they want to think, but is it indispensable to pursue?

To pursue light in life, we must first thoroughly gaze at the hard reality called shadow in front of us, and in order to transcend it, we must muster the courage to move forward.
Tadao Ando